The Mobius Strip and its Applications

The main mathematical news

1998: The trajectory of charged particles trapped in the magnetic field of the Earth describes a Möbius strip before becoming chaotic.

2007: Starostin and van der Heijden expressed the characteristic structure of the Möbius strip – it requires a strip with length at least π/2 times greater than its width.

2010: a Möbius strip was created from DNA strands, with molecular applications.

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Additional Theorems / conjectures / Open questions

1858: Johann Benedict Listing and August Ferdinand Möbius (separately) analyzed properties of a unique object – a non-orientable one-sided surface (the Möbius strip).

1930-today: The Möbius strip inspires artists, jewellers, designers, architects, musicians, writers, athletes, etc.

1957-today: Dozens of patents filed involving the Möbius strip, reducing wear & tear twofold (e.g., conveyor belts, ink ribbons, saws, and resistors without self-inductance.

1960: The labor inducing properties of Oldenlandia Affinis are tied to the spatial arrangement of the Kalata-B1 protein, resembling a Möbius strip.

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The main mathematical concepts / Principles

Plane and solid geometry (MSC2010#97G40)

*    One-sided surface

*    Spatial structure

*    3D space

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