About the Project

The Mathematics News Snapshots for High School (MNS) project aims to provide high school students with a glimpse into the exciting and dynamic world of contemporary mathematics. The project was founded in order to decrease the gap between the ever-growing nature of mathematics and the stagnated nature of school curricula.

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Teacher (1): The MNSs made me feel that I am now representing the mathematics community in front of my class

Teacher (2): The Snapshots contribute to my knowledge and expand my horizons. I feel more confident in class

Teacher (3): It is important for me to give my student a taste of what is known in mathematics, to show it is 'alive and kicking' even today, and can be found in many domains

Teacher (4): I was greatly encouraged by students' motivation to learn and attend to extracurricular enrichment

Student (1): I learned that there are so many hidden things to be found in math. Perhaps there is more unknown mathematics than what is already known

Student (2): Even great mathematicians err. This makes them so human. And if they are allowed to make mistakes, I am too...

Student (3): From the MNSs I learned that I shouldn’t give up quickly. If I can’t solve a problem, I have to try again, and again, because only if I insist I may succeed

Student (4): Mathematics does not come easy even to professional mathematicians. But it's worth the effort.