Origami: Where Art And Math Join Forces

The main mathematical news

1980: A method for trisecting an angle by paper folding was found.

1994: A computer software allows translation of stick figures into crease patterns.

2008: A computer software creates crease patterns to construct “smooth” 3D models.

Early 21st century: Computerized simulations improve efficiency of airbags, medical implants, solar sails, and more.

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Additional Theorems / conjectures / Open questions

*  Can any shape be obtained by paper folding?

*  What are the necessary conditions in order for a particular crease pattern to fold into a flat structure?

*  How complex, effective, and useful are crease patterns?

*  Can new origami models be produced using software?

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The main mathematical concepts / Principles

History of mathematics (MSC201#97A30)

*   compass and straightedge constructions

*   Trisecting an angle

Plane Geometry (MSC2010#97G40)

*   perpendicular bisector

*   Angle Bisector

*   Locus

*   Paper folding

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